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An affiliate program is available for the sale of licenses for our Associate Engine script through If you don't have a account, click here to get one. This is 100% free. If you already have a account then you can use that account -- you do not have to get a new account.

Your account will be credited 25% commission when someone clicks through your affiliate link and buys a script license anytime within 90 days after clicking (assuming the user doesn't click on another affiliate's link).

For example, if a sale of an Associate Engine license ($24.95 sale price) is attributed to you, then your account will be credited $5.52 (25%) commission [$5.52 = 25% of ($24.95 - 7.5% - $1) = 25% of $22.08]. The 25% commission is calculated after deducts its 7.5% and $1 fees for handling the transaction.

Affiliate Link

Link to the following address from your website:

Replace CLICKBANKID with your ClickBank ID.

Note: You can be an affiliate without having to install and use our scripts. In that case, just add the above affiliate link to your website.

clickbankID Configuration Variable

Most of our scripts have a clickbankID configuration variable that you can set. When this variable is set to your affiliate ID, the "Powered by..." credit line that appears on pages created by our scripts will automatically be an affiliate link with your ID. Otherwise, the link just links to our home page at

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