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per: David Cusimano

DySE::Rockler v5.05.11 — New Script

Woodworking store


We are pleased to announce the release of a new store generator script called DySE::Rockler that is designed to display woodworking products based on the datafeed. offers approximately 9,000+ woodworking products. pays affiliate commissions of 10% (7-day cookie). If these types of products are a good match for your website or if you're planning to create a new website for these types of products, we encourage you to use our DySE::Rockler script.

A live example website that uses DySE::Rockler is

To learn more about DySE::Rockler, see

Important: Requires DySE::view v5.05.11; see below.

DySE::view v5.05.11 — Update

Dynamic Store Engine viewer


The DySE script has been updated. Revisions since v5.04.08 include:

  • Fix: "Quick links" for "/shop" stores now works.
  • Fix: {merch:URL} now supports DySE::Rockler.
  • More (see full details: revisions history)

Download DySE::view v5.05.11 from

Upgrade instructions: Replace with this one.

To learn more about the DySE™ Dynamic Store Engine, see

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