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per: David Cusimano "Quick-Click Buying Links"Critical Problem

Who should read this?

All webmasters using our Associate Engine script (

What's the problem and how to identify it?

It has recently come to the attention of and associates that's "Quick-Click Buying Links" buttons are not working properly.

Here's how you can quickly identify if you are using "Quick-Click Buying Links" buttons or standard "Buy from" buttons on your Associate Engine webpages:

"Quick-Click Buying Links" button

Standard "Buy from" button

Affected by problem

Working properly

Note: The default configuration of Associate Engine is to use standard "Buy from" buttons. Thus most Associate Engine webmasters will not be affected by the problem.

When the user clicks a "Quick-Click Buying Links" button, a pop-up window with an "Add to Shopping Cart" button successfully appears; however, when the user clicks on the "Add to Shopping Cart" button, returns an error page saying, "Looking for something? We're sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site. Go to's Home Page". The item was not added to the shopping cart, and it is not known if the affiliate ID was tracked.

Where's the problem? has confirmed that the problem is at the servers. technical staff is investigating the problem.

The problem is not in the Associate Engine software or any other AWS-based software from other developers. needs to fix the problem on their servers.

What should webmasters do?

If you see:

then edit your ae.ini configuration file and set addto.quickclick to no

Once fixes the problem, you can set addto.quickclick back to yes if you want.

If you see:

then you do not have to do anything since standard "Buy from" button are not affected by the problem and work properly.

Any more information?

To read about the problem, see the thread on the discussion forum.

DySE::view v5.07.13 — Update

Dynamic Store Engine viewer


The DySE script has been updated. Revisions since v5.07.06 include:


If you are using any of our DySE:: scripts, we recommend that you upgrade, but upgrading to this version is optional at this time.

Download DySE::view v5.07.13 from

Upgrade instructions: Replace with this one.

To learn how to use and submit Google Sitemaps, see "Google Sitemaps".

To learn more about the DySE™ Dynamic Store Engine, see

DySE and Google AdSenseHow To


Some webmasters have asked us how to add Google AdSense ads to their DySE generated webpages. If you want to do that, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Google Adsense, select the ad settings, and copy your AdSense code.

  2. Edit your items.html product details template. If you don't have a local copy of that file, FTP download it from /cgi-bin/dyse/merchant/templates/items.html

  3. Paste your AdSense code into the items.html template file where you want the ads to be placed.

  4. Upload your revised items.html template file to your web server. Note: You do not have to run again. Template changes will appear immediately online.

  5. View any of your product details pages to confirm the placement of the ads. You may need to press Refresh in your web browser to refresh the page.

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