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per: David Cusimano

DySE::view v5.09.02 — Update

Dynamic Store Engine viewer


The DySE script has been updated. Revisions since v5.07.22 include:

  • New Feature: parasite/scumware detector supported.
  • Improvement: Google Sitemap Last-Modified date is date of make.
  • Fix: Google Sitemap "verify" function works.
  • Fix: {if} conditional test works with lowercase values.
  • More (see full details: revisions history).

If you are using any of our DySE:: scripts, we recommend that you upgrade, but upgrading to this version is optional at this time.

Download DySE::view v5.09.02 from

Upgrade instructions: Replace with this one. If you want to install the parasite/scumware detector, see installation instructions.

To learn more about the DySE™ Dynamic Store Engine, see v5.09.02 — Update

Posters Store Generator


The script has been updated, and the data files have been updated. Revisions since v5.05.18:

  • New Feature: Auto-repair { and } (%7B and %7D) that some HTML editors break.
  • Improvement: Data files contain products/prices as of August 24, 2005.

Download v5.09.02 from

Upgrade instructions: see

To learn more about, see "Quick-Click Buying Links"Problem Update

Who should read this?

Webmasters using our Associate Engine script ( should read this problem update.

What was the problem?

The problem was that's "Quick-Click Buying Links" buttons were not working properly. The problem was entirely at's servers; it was not with See full details in the Bulletin 2005-07-13 (July 13, 2005).

"Quick-Click Buying Links" button

Standard "Buy from" button

Were affected by problem.
Now working properly.

Working properly.

Has fixed the problem?

Yes, it appears that has fixed the problem.'s "Quick-Click Buying Links" buttons appear to be working properly now. We use them on our sample website

If you want to use's "Quick-Click Buying Links" buttons, you can do so once again. Use of such buttons is optional; you can continue to use standard "Buy from" button if you prefer. Note: The default configuration of Associate Engine is to use standard "Buy from" buttons.

To use's "Quick-Click Buying Links" buttons, edit ae.ini and set addto.quickclick to yes (see also: add.*).

"Search Engine Voodoo"Marketing Secrets


Discover how Jeff Johnson generated $454,096.78* in affiliate sales in his first three months... and he did it using the Associate Engine script.

He was also voted the winner of Yanik Silver's Underground Online Marketing Seminar "Best Speaker Award" and was publicly declared the "Top Underground Internet Marketer of 2005".

Check out his free audio and video tutorials at

(*Sales figure according to Jeff Johnson. Not verified.)

ABestWeb.comUseful Website is a discussion forums website that focuses entirely on the affiliate industry. It has been around since August 3rd, 2001 (congratulations on its 4th anniversary!). We even have our support forum hosted at ABestWeb.

ABestWeb now has over 20,000 members. Many of those members are very knowledgeable and friendly people, including Haiko de Poel, Jr., the system operator. Visit ABestWeb and you can read any of the posts without having to signup. And once you signup (it's free), you can post in any of the dozens of forums.

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Affiliate Marketing TodayUseful Webcast


Listen to the weekly webcast "Affiliate Marketing Today" and learn from the best in the affiliate marketing world.

  • What: "Affiliate Marketing Today" webcast
  • For: Affiliates, managers, merchants, solution providers, etc.
  • Cost: Free signup
  • When: Every Tuesday at 4:00 P.M. (EDT)
  • Host: Haiko de Poel, Jr. (operator of
  • Where: Go to WebmasterRadio.FM and enter you email address in the box at the top-left just below the logo.

While you are listening to the live webcast, you can also sign in to the online live chat (a popup window) and type comments and questions to other listeners, to the host, and to the guest speakers.

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We highly recommend that you listen to the "Affiliate Marketing Today" webcast.

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