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DySE::InstrumentPro v7.10.18 — Update

Musical Instruments store


The DySE::InstrumentPro script has been updated.

This is a non-critical update. Upgrading to this new version is optional.

Important: If you are using a version of DySE::InstrumentPro that is less than v7.09.26 then you must upgrade (to at least v7.09.26). Older versions will not cause commissions to be tracked since is now at the Commission Junction ( affiliate network. See upgrade instructions.

Revisions since v7.09.26 include:

See upgrade instructions.

To learn more about DySE::InstrumentPro, see

Affiliate Resources Center

Affiliate Resources Center
Affiliate Resources Center


We have added an Affiliate Resources Center. It contains useful resources for affiliates, including links to:

  • The Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosalind Gardner
    We highly recommend this downloadable eBook to any affiliate whether you are justing starting out in the affiliate industry or are a veteran. Even we learned a few things, and we've been in the industry since 1999! To get Rosalind's eBook, visit The Super Affiliate Handbook.

  • AWeber Autoresponder
    AWeber offers autoresponder and email list management services. You can set up an unlimited number of autoresponders and configure it to send a sequence of emails at pre-determined intervals. In today's world, it typically takes 7 contacts before a customer takes action and buys from you. By setting up a sequenced automresponder you can automate that process. For example, you might set up a email-based course that is spread out 7 days. The AWeber services handles all double opt-in subscribe/unsubscribe requests and CAN-SPAN requirements. For a complete list of the features and services offered, visit AWeber Autoresponder.

Also included in the resources center are categories including:

  • PPC (pay-per-click) Advertising Tools
  • Affiliate Networks
  • Merchants
  • Learning Resources

For the complete list of resources, visit our Affiliate Resources Center.

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