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You are receiving this bulletin because you use our Associate Engine (AE) script from

Associate Engine v7.11.03 — Critical Update (

Amazon store


The Associate Engine script has been updated.

This is a critical update if you are using Associate Engine with You must upgrade to this new version.

If you are not using Associate Engine with, then this upgrade is optional.

Revisions since v7.06.22 include:

  • Critical Fix: Now displays prices properly (e.g.: £10.95 instead of £1,095.00). There is a confirmed bug in Amazon's ECS data server that is causing prices reported through Amazon's ECS to be 100 times what they should be (e.g.: £1,095.00 instead of £10.95). The website and Amazon's ECS use two different databases/algorithms so the website and ECS-based websites may show different results. The website shows proper prices but Amazon's ECS is reporting wrong prices. As a work-around, this version of Associate Engine divides the price by 100 if the ratio between price and list price is significant.

  • New: Keyword/ASIN searches for mode=jewelry

  • details and more...

Download v7.11.03 from

Upgrade instructions: If you are currently using v4.05.31 or higher, all you have to do is replace the file with this one.

To learn more about Associate Engine, see

Affiliate Resources CenterUpdate

Affiliate Resources Center
Affiliate Resources Center


More links have been added to the Affiliate Resources Center:

  • Search Engine Saturation
    Reports how many pages the major search engines have indexed from the domain name that you enter.

  • Nvu HTML Editor
    Free HTML editor. This editor is WYSIWYG so you can immediately see what you'll get. Has builtin FTP program so you can edit your online files. Works on Windows PC, Macintosh, and Linux Desktop. Creates valid HTML.

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