--- Cusimano.Com Affiliate Scripts : Bulletin 1-Oct-2009 ---

In this issue:

1. DySE::Calendars (Calendars.com) and ShareASale.com
2. New/renewal licenses on sale until 2010

Cusimano.Com Corporation -- http://www.c3scripts.com
per: David Cusimano


1. DySE::Calendars (Calendars.com) and ShareASale.com

Calendars are a seasonal item and October/November/December is the season to
promote them on your website.

Our DySE::Calendars script that shows Calendars.com calendar products now
works with the Calendars.com affiliate program at ShareASale.com.

To promote calendars on your website, signup as our sub-affiliate at
ShareASale.com and you can use the script for free:

The script also works with the Calendars.com affiliate programs at CJ.com
and at Google Affiliate Network (formerly Performics.com). A yearly license
must be  purchased if using DySE::Calendars with these affiliate networks.

See details: http://www.c3scripts.com/calendars


2. New/renewal licenses on sale until 2010.

New/renewal licenses for the ae.pl Associate Engine script (amazon.com /
amazon.co.uk) and the DySE::Calendars (calendars.com) script are now on sale
until  1-Jan-2010:

* ae.pl new license: $24.95 (regular $99.95).
* ae.pl renewal license: $9.95 (regular $24.95).
* DySE::Calendars new/renewal license: $9.95 (regular $24.95).

To start promoting amazon products using AE:

To start promoting calendars using DySE::Calendars:

Already have a license? Renew now to take advantage of the sale price and a
new key will be issued.

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