--- Cusimano.Com Affiliate Scripts : Bulletin 2009-11-16 ---

In this issue:

1. Twitter.com/c3scripts
2. ClickBank.com Marketplace Products that Sell
3. Animate to Stand Out
4. Watch Weekly Live Online Marketing Show
5. Domain Name Marketplace
6. Build Your Email List

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per: David Cusimano

1. Twitter.com/c3scripts

Follow us on our new Twiiter.com page at:

We plan on posting script announcements, affiliate marketing tips, useful
software links and resources.

2. ClickBank.com Marketplace Products that Sell

ClickBank.com (http://www.clickbank.com/) is a marketplace that offers tens
of thousands of digital products (e.g.: ebooks and software). The problem
for affiliate marketers is to identify which products to promote. Well, now
you can quickly and easily do that by using the CBengine service.

* Identify ClickBank Marketplace "movers and shakers".
* Track and pinpoint hidden opportunities before they disappear.
* Spot opportunities using predictive analysis formulas.


3. Animate to Stand Out

Animated sites (and animated ads) stand out. And the standard for web
animation is Adobe Flash (http://www.adobe.com/flash). The problem is that
the authoring software from Adobe that creates .swf Flash files is US$699.
Fortunately, now there's a far cheaper alternative called "Alligator Flash
Designer" from Selteco.com that is only US$149. It enables you to create
Flash websites, presentations, slide shows, menus, banners, buttons. The
software comes with many practical examples and tutorials. And we were very
impressed with how easy it was to generate some impressive Flash animations.
The company's technical support staff was very responsive to our questions.
Because of the low price and easy of use, we highly recommend this software.

Alligator Flash Designer:

4. Watch Weekly Live Online Marketing Show

Watch the weekly live online marketing show hosted by Bill McIntosh to pick
up useful affiliate marketing tips and news. He broadcasts his show every
Tuesday night at 6:30 PM Pacific Standard Time. We have been listening to
him for a few weeks now and we have learned something new each week. The
show is usually about 2 hours long. Bill is worth listening to and we
recommend his show.

Bill McIntosh:

5. Domain Name Marketplace

If you are looking to buy or sell domain names, have a look at Sedo.com.
They are a marketplace for buying and selling domain names and websites. If
you are looking to sell some of your domains or are looking for domain names
to buy, we recommend using Sedo. Domains can be posted with a fixed asking
price or set as "make an offer" and with a minimum bid to filter out low

We recently started using Sedo to put some of our own domain names up for
sale. If you're interested in any of the following domain names that we
posted, search for them at Sedo.com: allcomputerstore.com,
allmusicboxes.com, allsuperstore.com, american-posters.com,
americancollectible.com, bestsportsproducts.com, bookauthors.com,
books-movies-music.com, car-repair-manuals.com, collectiblecats.com,
collectiblecows.com, collectiblemusicboxes.com, coolcomputerstore.com,
dating-books.com, dozenredroses.com, drcr.com, eshoptv.com,
find-collectibles.com, games-megastore.com, gifts-finder.com,
gifts-under-50-bucks.com, great-collectibles.com,
home-improvement-center.com, internetposterstore.com, million-posters.com,
movie-soundtrack.com, movies-books-music.com, mycdshelf.com,
posterisland.com, posterpeople.com, posters-directory.com,
posters-superstore.com, prayonline.com, themagazinelist.com,
tshirt-world.com, zposters.com. Note: Sale of these domain names does not
include any content.


6. Build Your Email List

One important tip that affiliate marketing experts will tell you is "build
your email list". Once you have your website, you need to create a periodic
newsletter or a sequence of prewritten messages that goes out on a regular
basis. Why have a sequence of prewritten messages? Because you can write
them and enter them once and then forget about them. As a new person signs
up, the person basically enters a "pipeline" and is automatically sent the
next message in the sequence at the designated time (e.g.: every 7 days).
And you can mix the concept of a newsletter with that of prewritten
messages. For example, you might create a "Bi-Weekly Yoga Tips Newsletter"
that contains useful tips and yoga related products; type up 26 issues,
enough for a year, and then just let it run by itself. To manage
subscriptions and to automatically send the messages, you either need to use
a 3rd-party service or install software on your server. One service that we
have used for several months is AWeber; they handle the
subscribe/unsubscribe requests, sending out emails, handling bounces, and
generating analytical reports. If you prefer to install software on your
server then try phplist; even though phplist is a bit "rough around the
edges", it does offer most of the same core functionality as AWeber -- and
best of all, phplist is free.

AWeber:  http://cuscom.aweber.com/
phplist: http://www.phplist.com/

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