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Rockler Script
Woodworking Store Generator

Price: FREE

Quickly and easily add workworking products to your existing website or create an entire store from scratch. Over 9,000+ woodworking products at Rockler.com (Rockler.com pays 5% commission; 7-day cookie).

Benefits & Features
uses mod_rewrite
easy to install and easy to use. Comes with complete instructions.
automatically downloads latest products datafeed file from Rockler.com.
comes with pre-defined template files. Saves you time.
customizable templates to match the look-and-feel of your website.
uses DySE™ technology.
online documentation.


DySE::Rockler uses templates so it is easy for you to customize the look-and-feel of the the web pages. The DySE::Rockler affiliate script comes with pre-defined templates. You can use these templates as-is, or modify them, or create your own templates.

Designed to Work With:

DySE::Rockler is built upon our expertise and also upon our experience as an affiliate ourselves of Rockler.com:


Getting Started  

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System Requirements

The DySE::Rockler affiliate script is a perl script that you install on your linux/unix web server. The script is not a Windows program and is not intended for novice users.

To be able to use the DySE::Rockler affiliate script, the following system requirements must be met:

  • linux/unix web server with cgi-bin enabled (Windows NT servers are not supported);

  • 11MB free disk space on web server;

  • mod_rewrite (.htaccess) enabled;

  • LWP perl module to access the internet (note: This script does not work on GoDaddy.com because LWP is unavailable on GoDaddy.com)

Some Live Examples

The following are screen snapshots of an actual website that contains pages created by us using the DySE::Rockler affiliate script. You can create an entire products store or augment your existing website content.

(templates "set1")


(templates "set2")

(templates "set3")


(templates "set4")

(templates "set5")


(templates "set6")

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