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Google Sitemap Generator

Price: $9.95

Quickly and easily add Google Sitemaps to your websites.

Note: Intended for use with real files that are physically located on your server. Does not recognize virtual files generated via .htaccess (mod_rewrite) such as WordPress webpages.

Benefits & Features
uses mod_rewrite
Generates Google Sitemap .xml and .txt files.
Runs on your server and scans directories for files (in your website only); faster file discovery than a spider since it does not use http.
Install once and forget about it. Now you can update your website and be sure that your sitemaps will always reflect what your website contains.
Uses mod_rewrite to associate sitemap.xml and sitemap.txt requests to the script located in cgi-bin.
Caches the .xml and .txt files so if requested, does not have to rescan for files. Stale time of 1 hour.
The cached .xml / .txt files can be manually copied to the root directory so the script never runs again in case you just want a sitemap snapshot.
Can specify files and directories to be skipped; can specify as: full URL, URL with * wildcard, or filename extension (e.g.: .gif, .jpg, .asp, ...). Common "skips" already configured (and can be unskipped).
<lastmod> and <changefreq> automatically calculated.
Supports up to 50,000 URL's, and 10MB files.
Fast directory scanning. About 500 to 750 URL's found per second.
online documentation.

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  • "I use Cusimano's Sitemap generator. It works great on html sites and has a nice price." -- N.O.,

Designed to Work With:

The script is built upon our expertise and also upon our experience with Google Sitemaps.

Getting Started Sitemaps Information

  • Try before you buy
  • One-time license fee $9.95
  • No yearly renewal fee
  • Multi-site license

Try the 100% fully functional version of before you buy.

If you try and continue to use it then purchase a software license for a one-time fee of $9.95. There is no yearly renewal fee for the license.

If you try and don't find it useful then delete as well as the created sitemap files.

Once you purchase a license, you can use on all of your websites.

Customizable can be configured to skip specified files and directories. You can specify each "skip" as: full URL, URL with * wildcard, or filename extension (e.g.: .gif, .jpg, .asp, ...). Common "skips" are already configured (and can be unskipped).

System Requirements

The script is a perl script that you install on your linux/unix web server. The script is not a Windows program and is not intended for novice users.

To be able to use the script, the following system requirements must be met:

  • linux/unix web server with cgi-bin enabled (Windows NT servers are not supported);

  • up to 15 MB free disk space on web server;

  • mod_rewrite (.htaccess) enabled.

  • URL's to be included in the sitemap must be for real .html files physically located on your server's hard drive. Virtual files, such as from a CMS like WordPress, are not supported.

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