MS-DOS Commands :: notepad


Use the notepad command to run the Windows Notepad text editor program.

Command Variations:


This command will cause the Windows Notepad text editor program to be run. This program is the same Windows Notepad program that is accessible in Windows via: Start > Programs > Accessories > Notepad

notepad  filename

This command will cause the file named filename to be opened by the Notepad text editor. For example, notepad mylist.txt would open the mylist.txt file. If the file filename does not exist, Notepad will ask you if you want to create a new file with that name.

If you want to edit a file that is in a directory other than the current directory, then use the "cd  directory" command first or specify the directory name as part of the filename, such as: "notepad \mystuff\ebooks\list.txt". If the filename contains spaces, enclose the entire filename in quotation marks, such as: notepad "\mystuff\my downloads\list.txt"