MS-DOS Commands :: telnet


Starts a text-based telnet session to the specified host.

telnet /?

telnet [-a][-e escape char][-f log file][-l user][-t term][host [port]]
 -a      Attempt automatic logon. Same as -l option except uses
         the currently logged on user's name.
 -e      Escape character to enter telnet client prompt.
 -f      File name for client side logging
 -l      Specifies the user name to log in with on the remote system.
         Requires that the remote system support the TELNET ENVIRON option.
 -t      Specifies terminal type.
         Supported term types are vt100, vt52, ansi and vtnt only.
 host    Specifies the hostname or IP address of the remote computer
         to connect to.
 port    Specifies a port number or service name.

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