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Purchase New License:

New License:
$24.95 (US funds)

(1-year license plus updates)

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90-day money back guarantee! Use Associate Engine for 90-days and if you're not 100% satisfied, we'll return the full amount you paid -- no questions asked.


To renew current/expired license,
use Renew Current/Expired License instead.


On the order form, make sure that you enter your email address correctly. After you submit your order, a "Thank You" page will appear. From there, follow the "NEXT STEP" link to request your Associate Engine key file to enable the script.

Read all the following important notes before you buy:

  1. IMPORTANT: Associate Engine cannot be used on hosted websites. does not permit scripts to access the internet. Associate Engine must be able to access the website otherwise it will not work. Do not purchase a license until you have moved to a different hosting company and verified that Associate Engine works there.

  2. IMPORTANT: Associate Engine cannot be used on hosted blogs (e.g.:, Support for cgi-bin is required. If you have cgi-bin on another website, you can remotely "call" Associate Engine from your blog (via <script>) and show results on your blog (those results are not SEO).

  3. IMPORTANT: The Associate Engine script only works with (the USA version at and with -- the script does not work with or or any of the other non-USA versions of amazon.

  4. Your purchase today is a 1-year license. If you wish to continue to use Associate Engine after 1-year, you will need to purchase a renewal license at that time. Yearly renewal license: $9.95 (US funds).

    If your license expires, Associate Engine will revert to demo mode and links will not contain any Amazon ID and all links will go to the home page.

  5. IMPORTANT: The Associate Engine script is designed and tested to work with Linux/Unix servers. It does work on Windows servers provided that ActivePerl is installed. Click here for complete list of System Requirements. An installation on a Windows server typically runs slower than an installation on a Linux/Unix server.

  6. IMPORTANT: For each license, you can use up to 10 different associate/tracking ID's. For full details, see FAQ: "Can I run Associate Engine on several websites?"

  7. We want you to be satisfied with Associate Engine script. So, before you purchase an Associate Engine license, we strongly recommend that you first install and try the 100% free demo version of Associate Engine. Once you are satisfied with the demo, then come back here and purchase a license to use the Associate Engine script.

  8. By using the Associate Engine script, you confirm that you have read and agree to the License Agreement.

To go to the order form, click the ORDER NOW button at the left (scroll up).

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