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cgi-bin software to quickly and easily add thousands of products to your website using's XML Web Services

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Associate Engine is a Perl script that is easy to install on your Linux/Unix webserver. Look what Associate Engine offers you:

Retrieves and processes XML data using easy to understand HTML tags.
Automatically converts XML data into formatted HTML.
add a powerful "drill-down" browse index to your website - with one HTML tag
add keyword search results of any XML product category to your website (see samples)
data can be cached to reduce traffic costs and increase speed
"Add to cart" buttons
add bestsellers of books, movies, DVD's, and more to your website
can show more than 10 items per page including "next" and "previous" page
display of up to date prices
ability to show product reviews
complete control over formatting of the results (using our built-in format templates or through building your own using our custom format template parameters - see list format, and details format)
support for conditional "if" statements in the format template
add products to your website by ASIN numbers (either specified in a text file or in the link)
add to any HTML webpage using <IFRAME> or <SCRIPT> or SSI include tags!
data is pulled in live from so your website automatically updates to show the latest products from
seamless integration with the look-and-feel of your website. Click for example.
show results as a list or as a grid. Click for examples.
100% free trial version available. Use the full version of the script for one month for free!

Some Live Examples

Affiliates Program
  Join our affiliates program. Generous 25% commission. Details. Administered with
Designed to Work With:

Associate Engine is built upon our expertise and also upon our experience as an affiliate ourselves of

Getting Started  
  1. New Users : Start Here
  2. Quick Tutorial of Parameters
  3. Download script software
  4. Sample HTML / example store
  5. Overview of Layout Formats
  6. New User FAQ
  7. Programming FAQ
  8. Technical Documentation


90-day money back guarantee! Use Associate Engine for 90-days and if you're not 100% satisfied, we'll return the full amount you paid -- no questions asked.

Common FAQ's
  • Is there support? And is it free? Yes. Yes.
  • Is it easy to install? Yes.
  • Is it easy to use? Yes.
  • Are other webmasters using this? Yes.
  • Does recommend this? Yes.
  • Is there sample HTML that I can copy/paste? Yes.
  • Can I customize it? Yes.
  • Is there a free trial version? Yes.
  • Do I make 100% of the commission? Yes.
  • Does it work with No
  • more...

Support / Contact Us

See the documentation as well as the "Troubleshooting" section of the documentation.

Testimonials / Reviews
  • "...[Associate Engine] is a truly professional product, and it is just one of a number of tools that [Cusimano.Com Corporation] promotes to Associates on [its] Web site. If you want to use an application offered by a real business with a specific mission to help Associates, the [Associate Engine] script is the way to go." -- LLC

  • "It only took me about ten days to make my money back."
  • "I have seen a marked increase in revenue."
  • "Very easy to set up."
  • "I'm impressed with how fast it sends back results!"
  • "Thank's for the help, and the nice script!"
  • "Works great."
  • "I have an entire store ready for visitors."
  • "I have now sold some books."
  • "People are staying longer on my site."
  • "This is a real gem."
  • "It worked 'out of the box'..."
  • "This product is amazing!"
  • "I am so happy with it"
  • "A kick-butt product"
  • "Has made my life very easy."

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