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Key Request

Use the following form to request an ae-key.txt file for use with our Associate Engine script. This key file is unique to your associate ID. Without an ae-key.txt file, Associate Engine will operate in "demo" mode without any associate ID in links.

Associate Engine : Key Request


To prevent spam, type the number "1234" into the box below. If you do not type this exact number, your submission will be automatically rejected and you will have to retype everything from scratch.

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READ THIS: Enter your or associate ID. Do not enter a 20-character subscription ID.

Note: If you don't know your associate ID, click the image at the right for instructions.


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Note about "key for testing": Limit of one test key per amazon ID. To keep using Associate Engine after your test key expires, purchase a 1-year license. We will not re-issue the same test key. Order #:

If you purchased a new license or a renewal license, see your receipt and enter the order # below:


Enter the website address (www. ...) of at least one website where you will be using this key:

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By submitting this form, you agree to the terms of the License Agreement for the Associate Engine script.

Note: Some users have indicated that our replies did not reach them. We reply to all support requests. If your email system or ISP uses filtering, please ensure that emails from our domain name are allowed through the filter. Thank you.

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