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Sample "Details" Format Templates

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Sample "Details" Format Templates

Several sample Format Template are included with the Associate Engine script. Some of the Format Templates are designed to display a list or grid of products, while other Format Templates are designed to display a single product's details.

Shown below are the Format Templates designed to display a single product's details.

To use a particular Format Template, use the format parameter. For example, the following link uses the detail6.html format template to show the top selling DVD:


The value of the format parameter specifies what format template to use. Note: Do not include the filename ending (e.g.: .html or .fmt) in the format parameter value.

Format Template files are stored in the ae-format directory. You can open the format templates that end with .html using your HTML editor. You can open the format templates that end with .fmt using a text editor such as Notepad or Wordpad. Note: If your HTML editor checks for valid HTML, then the .fmt format files will not open properly in your HTML editor.

Product Details Page; asinsearch.format

If you want a product's details to be shown locally on your website using Associate Engine, set the asinsearch.format configuration variable. For example, setting asinsearch.format to "details6" would be equivalent to adding &format=details6 to the end of your product links. If you leave asinsearch.format set to "", clicking on a product link will cause the user to go to the product's details page at Amazon's website.


Below are some sample formats. Each result below is created by using a <script> tag of the following format. The only difference between each example is the value of the format parameter (e.g. format=list1, format=list2, etc.).

<script SRC="/cgi-bin/"></script>

The <script> tag does a keyword search (type=search) for "Harrison Ford" (keyword=harrison+ford) in DVD's (mode=dvd) and returns 1 result (pagesize=1) formatted using the specified format template (format=FORMATNAME)

Praise: "The format file is an excellent concept, and it worked great for formatting my grid results so that I could do what I wanted with it." -- J.M.,

details.html : format=details

details2.html : format=details2

details3.html : format=details3

details4.html : format=details4

details5.html : format=details5

details6.html : format=details6

details7.html : format=details7

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