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"...[Associate Engine] script is a truly professional product, and it is just one of a number of tools that [Cusimano.Com Corporation] promotes to Associates on [its] Web site. If you want to use an application offered by a real business with a specific mission to help Associates, the [Associate Engine] script is the way to go." --, Inc.

  • "I can not believe the depth I get with [Associate Engine]. If I were having to do all of the links my self, there would only be one page of about 10 to 15 items and a search and that would be it. With [Associate Engine] I have an entire store ready for visitors and the browse tables are amazing; it's like drilling down to just the right subject and item. I think what I like the most is how professional the formatting is, and that it strips all of's logos away and makes everything look like my content and that I spent months programming what my store contents would be." -- D.J.,

  • "My website has always been more of a hobby site than a money making site. I had finally decided it was time that the site paid for itself. Because of your [Associate Engine] script I have now sold some books also. I haven't re-couped the cost of your script yet, but I'm sure over the next month or so it will have more than paid for itself as I get it working on my other sites. -- H.S.,

  • "Love your [Associate Engine] program and your quick responses. Has made my life very easy. I'm a lifelong customer. " -- J.B.,

  • "Really nice script! With all the free stuff out there for this and that, it takes real quality for me to part with $$ for a script, but this is a real gem." -- M.R.

  • "The script works so well I don't pay much attention to it. I concentrate on adding items etc, and the script quietly does its job, which is really nice." -- B.H.,

  • "The format file is an excellent concept, and it worked great for formatting my grid results so that I could do what I wanted with it." -- J.M.,

  • "The [Associate Engine] script is just unbelievable and I will make sure to tell everyone I can about it. Thank you again and much applause on this script." -- H.H.,

  • "Associate Engine is the best damn thing I have ever seen in 5 years of web programming. Some of the scripts out there have all kinds of promises but putting it all together is often very difficult and sometimes impossible. The Associate Engine was so incredibly easy to implement. I customized mine quite a bit, and even that vas very simple. The support and instructions are clear and concise. It's just amazing. It's like I OWN Amazon.Com!!! I downloaded the free demo thinking like I always do, "Let's see if this is a pile of crap or what..." After I saw it work, I didn't even wait two weeks for the free version to expire. And actually, I didn't even have the $99, but I am so glad I bought it!!! Thanks a million!!!" -- Brad Singletary,

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