MS-DOS Command :: help


Open a Microsoft MS-DOS command prompt shell window and type help and you will see a list of available commands with a brief description of each command.

To display detailed help information about command command, you can type either of the following help commands:

help  command


command  /?

For example, help dir and dir /? displays help information about the dir command.

Command Variations:


Displays a list of all available commands that are built into MS-DOS. Commands that are part of MS-DOS itself (e.g.: notepad) are not display in the list. See: MS-DOS Commands.

help  command
command  /?

Displays help for the specified command command. You can either use the help command or use the /? flag following the command command.

command  -help

Some commands use -help or -? as the help option. So if /? does not work, try -help instead.

help help

Provides help information for Windows XP commands.

HELP [command]

    command - displays help information on that command.

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