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v7.06.22 (June 22, 2007)

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Upgrade instructions

IMPORTANT: The following are upgrade instructions. For first-time installation instructions, see Installation instructions instead. If you are still using v2.12.28 (or less), upgrade to v3.06.27 then to v7.06.22.

  1. Download the Associate Engine .zip distribution file and unzip it into a temporary directory on your computer, such as into c:\ae

  2. Upload to your webserver's cgi-bin directory (or to whatever directory you normally put script in). Note: If necessary, edit the first line so it indicates where Perl is on your server; default is #!/usr/local/bin/perl Note: Be sure to upload in ASCII mode and set the file permissions (i.e.: CHMOD 755 which is rwxr-xr-x).

  3. Optional: Edit the ae.ini configuration file. See the comments there for an explanation of each variable. Then upload ae.ini to the same directory where is located.

NOTE: If you find that stops working after an upgrade (either you see "500 Internal Server Error" or nothing shows up because you're using <script> or SSI tags), then the first thing to always do is re-upload in ASCII mode and then re-enable the execute permissions (CHMOD). This is the most common upgrade problem. See solutions.


Associate Engine v7.06.22 is the formal release of v7.04.20-beta. This release contains revisions, fixes and improvements since v5.12.17. We strongly recommend that you upgrade to this version.

Below is the revision history up to this release.


  1. Fix: Browse nodes fixed. Some browse nodes were redirecting to rather than being shown locally.


  1. Improvement: List is vertically top-aligned. When showing a list of results, the row is now vertically top-aligned. Previously, each row was aligned along the middle which did not look aesthetically pleasing when the window width was narrow. (Advanced: formatting code format.list1.cell was updated)

  2. New Feature: "store" parameter added. New parameter named store has been added so that an store section can be specified when necessary. When displaying a browse node, Associate Engine guesses what store section that browse node is in (e.g.: dvd, music, electronics, etc.). Sometimes, Associate Engine guesses the wrong store section and no results show up. If that happens, you can override and specific what store section to use. For example, to override and use the electronics store, use store=electronics such as /cgi-bin/ Note: Most of the time Associate Engine will guess the correct store and there will be no need to use the store parameter.


  1. Fix: Camera & Photo fixed. Some "Camera & Photo" browse pages (e.g.: 1067692) were redirecting to rather than being shown locally.


  1. New Feature: Can hide bestsellers grid on browse index pages. The bestsellers grid that appears on browse index pages (above the bullets lists of links) can be selectively turned off by adding the new parameter nobest as part of the URL, such as

  2. Fix: Browse indexes fixed. Some browse index pages were showing all the links under the "more..." heading or not at all. More browse index pages now display the links organized by headings.

  3. New Feature: LWP module available. The LWP module can now optionally be used to access the internet in place of the built-in internet access routines. At least one webmaster reported timeout problems using the built-in access routines. The built-in routines (the default) should work fine on the vast majority of servers. However, if you experience timeout problems, use LWP instead by editing and changing:

    my $lwp = 0;


    my $lwp = 1;

    (that's a 1, the number one, after the equal sign).

  4. Improvement: Uses less RAM memory. Now uses about 3% less RAM memory (220KB).


  1. Fix: addto.buyfrom set correctly. The addto.buyfrom configuration variable is now set correctly for configurations. In v6.01.22-beta, it was always set to no. It can now be set in the configuration file.

  2. New Feature: Product name in URL's. Product URL's can be made to include the product's name by setting the new configuration variable virtual.named to yes (default is no). Note that Virtual Directory must be enabled for this feature to work. For example, the results of a keyword search for "Norah Jones" would include one of the following URL's for her "Come Away with Me" CD depending upon virtual.named being set to yes or to no: (yes) (no)

    If you turn this feature on, previously "unnamed" URL's will continue to work. The reverse is also true; if the feature is on (and your website gets indexed) and you later turn off this feature, "named" URL's will continue to work. In all cases, links from search engines will continue to work regardless of the past/current setting of virtual.named

  3. New Feature: Non-linked image formatting codes added. New image formatting codes have been added that are similar to the existing image formatting codes except that they are not linked. The codes are {format.image.thumb.nolink}, {format.image.small.nolink}, {format.image.medium.nolink} and {format.image.large.nolink}. For example, if you're using the details6.html formatting file to show details locally, you could edit details6.html and change {format.image.large} to {format.image.large.nolink} to remove the link but keep the image. The difference in the names of the formatting codes is ".nolink" at the end.


  1. FIX: Fixed software browse nodes. Some software browse nodes (such as Software > Brands > Microsoft) were not recognized as being software, and the default mode (books) was used instead. This error would cause the books store template to be shown instead of the software store template, and the bestsellers grid at the top would be empty. More software browse nodes are now correctly recognized.

End of beta revisions history. Prior to this point was Associate Engine v5.12.17.

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