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v7.11.03 (November 03, 2007)

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Upgrade instructions

  1. Download the Associate Engine .zip distribution file and unzip it into a temporary directory on your computer, such as into c:\ae

  2. Upload to your webserver's cgi-bin directory (or to whatever directory you normally put script in). Note: If necessary, edit the first line so it indicates where Perl is on your server; default is #!/usr/local/bin/perl Note: Be sure to upload in ASCII mode and set the file permissions (i.e.: CHMOD 755 which is rwxr-xr-x).

NOTE: If you find that stops working after an upgrade (either you see "500 Internal Server Error" or nothing shows up because you're using <script> or SSI tags), then the first thing to always do is re-upload in ASCII mode and then re-enable the execute permissions (CHMOD). This is the most common upgrade problem. See solutions.


  1. Critical Update: Displays prices properly. Displays prices correctly (e.g.: £10.95 instead of £1,095.00). As of this release, there is a bug in's ECS data server. The Amazon ECS data server is outputting data with prices that are 100 times what they should be (e.g.: £1,095.00 instead of £10.95). This is a confirmed bug at Amazon's ECS data server; not a bug in the Associate Engine script. and the Amazon ECS data server use two different databases/algorithms thus the website may show different products/prices/data compared to ECS-based affiliate websites. Associate Engine is an ECS-based script and it can only show the data that ECS supplies. To get around this Amazon bug, Associate Engine now compares the ratio of Price with List Price and automatically divides the Price by 100 if the ratio is excessive (i.e.: Price / List Price > 20).

  2. New Feature: Supports Jewelry keyword/ASIN searches. Keyword searches can now be performed for mode=jewelry, such as: type=search&mode=jewelry&keyword=diamond+engagement+ring. If you know the ASIN of a particular jewelry product, you can display its product details page by doing an asinsearch, such as: asinsearch=B000OL8KAC

  3. Improvement: Removes extra <BR>'s in description. For some products, the descriptions contain runs of consecutive <BR>'s which cause many blank lines to appear. These are now replaced by a single <BR>.

Prior to this point was Associate Engine v7.06.22.

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