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Associate Engine is a Perl script that is easy to install on your Linux/Unix webserver. Look what Associate Engine offers you:

XML driven

uses XML Web Services

no programming required

no programming required (only requires basic knowledge of HTML). Get started in just 3 Easy Steps

Parameter Driven

Uses parameters in HTML links

show product details

product details can be shown locally on your website. E.g. see sample page here and click on any product to see details (format of product details can be changed using Format Templates).

format templates

complete control over formatting of the results (using our built-in format templates or through building your own using our custom format template parameters - see list format, and details format)

conditional "if/endif" statements

support for conditional "if/endif" statements in the format template

sample HTML

sample HTML code and sample links included for easy setup

sample Page Templates

basic Page Templates (i.e.: aqua, blue, green, orange) and a set of Page Templates to build an entire store are included. Use of these Page Templates is optional; you can use/modify these or create your own.

drill-down browse index

add a powerful "drill-down" browse index to your website - with one HTML tag

keyword search results

add keyword search results of any product category to your website

blended keyword search results

add blended keyword search results to your website

advanced search results

in addition to keyword search (see above), you can also do other types of searches:

  1. ASIN or ISBN Search (e.g.: ASIN 0151008116)
  2. UPC Search (e.g.: UPC 076732601822)
  3. Author Search (e.g.: Wayne Dyer)
  4. Musical Artist Search (e.g.: Celine Dion)
  5. Actor/Actress Search (e.g.: Harrison Ford DVD's)
  6. Director Search (e.g.: Alfred Hitchcock DVD's)
  7. Manufacturer Search (e.g.: Palm electronics)
  8. Listmania! Search (e.g.: Listmania! 34TRCFE5HC23M)


add bestsellers of books, movies, DVD's, and more to your website!

ASIN text file

add products to your website by ASIN numbers (either specified in a text file or in the link)

buy buttons

Support for "Add to cart", "Add to Wish List", "Add to Wedding Registry", and "Add to Baby Registry" buttons:Buy from, Add to Wish List, Add to Wedding Registry, and Add to Baby Registry

buy buttons

Support for Quick-Click buttons: , , , and

<IFRAME>, <SCRIPT>, SSI support

add to any HTML webpage using <IFRAME> or <SCRIPT> or SSI include tags!

Live Data

data is pulled in live from so your website automatically updates to show the latest products from

Seamless integration

seamless integration with the look-and-feel of your website. Click for example

Affiliate ID

all links converted to include your affiliate ID

List and Grid format

show results as a list or as a grid. Click for examples

Size of Grid

you can define the size of the grid (# of rows by # of columns)


links can open separate window so you don't lose the visitor

Multiple Formats

can use links, drop-down menus, and search boxes

Multiple Template Support

can use different templates on different pages of your website

Data Cache

data can be cached to reduce traffic costs and increase speed. Can specify size of cache and stale-period of cache

1 year free updates

free updates for 1 year

Script Circuit Breaker

Server load checking with auto-shut down of script if server load exceeds specified limit

free demo

100% free demo version available

image height & width

calculation of height and width for images

no image available

display of "no image available" if no image available

Previous / Next

Previous and More Results graphical buttons

Results Range

Results range (e.g.: "1 - 25" or "1 - 25 of 120") displayed when showing results in list format

Activity Logging System

Permits tracking of script activity

electronic delivery

electronic delivery of the Associate Engine script

Up to Date Prices

display of up to date prices

Display Product Reviews

ability to show product reviews

International Amazon

support for Search results are based on (default configuration is to use

partial support for Amazon's international associate programs (,,,, Note: Search results are based on the U.S.-based website -- results are not based on the international websites. See example showing "Buy from: Canada, United Kingdom" links -- the main product links go to

More than 10 items per page

can show more than 10 items per page including "next" and "previous" page

Many Satisfied Users

See here for testimonials and links to some live sites



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