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Maximize your commission: Show top selling products on your website and maximize your commission. Associate Engine makes this task automatic.

Easy to use: No programming is required - simply add HTML links or <SCRIPT> tags or SSI include tags to your website. Easily integrates into your website. Associate Engine is the easiest way for you to add live content from to your website. Automatically show topselling products. Get started in just 3 Easy Steps using our "New Users: Start Here" step-by-step guide!

Save time: No need to spend time manually editing your website so that it always shows top selling products -- when you use Associate Engine, your website automatically shows the topselling products. Once you add Associate Engine links or <SCRIPT> HTML tags, you don't have to edit them.

Used by many satisfied webmasters: Click here to read testimonials. In use by many affiliates since October, 2001.

Support: We provide e-mail support to answer your technical questions about our Associate Engine script. If you have any questions before buying, please contact us.

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Testimonial: "The [Associate Engine] script is just unbelievable and I will make sure to tell everyone I can about it. Thank you again and much applause on this script." -- H.H.,


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